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Surgical Suite

With one of the largest operating rooms in the area, our surgical suite is fully-equipped and AAAASF accredited, meeting the most stringent standards.

About our Surgical Suite

With safety as a top priority, Bellevue Plastic Surgeons’ surgical suite is AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities) accredited, meaning we meet and exceed the most stringent safety standards set in the industry. Our fully-equipped suite features one of the largest operating rooms in the area, which allows us to perform a large variety of major surgical procedures. All our surgical procedures are done under intravenous sedation only, administered by our certified nurse anesthetists. We do not intubate patients, we do not give them gas anesthesia or paralyze them. With a certified registered nurse anesthetist, we can employ a variety of safe and effective anesthesia to minimize patients’ anxiety, pain and discomfort. This assures a safe level of sedation so the patient is "asleep", does not feel any discomfort and is not aware of his/her surroundings. We continually strive to perform the safest surgery possible, while minimizing potential complications along the way. Learn more at www.quada.org

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