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Dr. Marosan is a TOTAL DEFINER surgeon trained with the world famous Dr. Alfredo Hoyos of Bogota, Colombia. No other plastic surgeon in the Pacific Northwest achieved the technical skills and artistry of Dr. Marosan in true body sculpting! Highly-specialized Seattle area plastic surgeon, Dr. George Marosan, is known as a "sculptor" by his patients. Our goal is to enhance what you have, to bring out the best possible features.

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Advanced Procedures

We offer advanced body contouring with 4D tummy tuck, EVE tummy tuck and VASER Hi Def liposuction (VHD) for safer surgery with long-lasting transformative, youthful and athletic results. Dr. Marosan is part of an elite group of less than 550 surgeons in the world who trained with Dr. Alfredo Hoyos as a TOTAL DEFINER surgeon. Based on Dr. Marosan's over 26 years of expertise in body sculpting, he attracts patients from the continental US and around the world.


Dr. Marosan is a TOTAL DEFINER SCULPTING surgeon with specialized training and years of experience in advanced body sculpting techniques.


BODY SCULPTING uses the VASER Hi Def Lipo technique (VHD) , the most advanced technique  to create athletic and youthful shapes

 Trained extensively with the world famous Dr. Alfredo Hoyos of Bogota, Colombia , the inventor of VHD - TOTAL DFINER SURGEON

BODY SCULPTING uses over 30 specialized non-bendable, RIGID cannulas which are straight or angled  with different lengths  to be able to treat all body areas straight or curved by hugging the muscle and bony anatomy to create sculpted bodies.

Most surgeons use 2-3 cannulas only straight or they bend them themselves. Easily bendable cannulas are very dangerous since they can bend in an unwanted direction and enter the abdomen and injure the bowels and other internal organs.  

BODY SCULPTING TOTAL DEFINER use drains to drain away excess fluid from the lower back and abdomen. Most surgeons close these incisions, allowing fluid to accumulate thus creating more internal scarring and ultimately poor results.

Dr. Marosan performs an extensive amount of corrective surgery of poor liposuction results from other surgeons.  Currently this makes up greater than 50% o his practice.

Plastic surgeons and others who do liposuction perform fat reduction liposuction only with poor understanding of body sculpting principles. 

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Dr. George Marosan

Dr. George Marosan is a Seattle area board-certified plastic surgeon offering various aesthetic procedures for the face, body, breasts and skin with truly excellent results. Dr. Marosan takes into account each patient's unique condition, anatomy and background to provide a customized course of treatment.

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Personalized Approach

At Bellevue Plastic Surgeons, we understand and appreciate the fact that no two patients are alike and so we individualize each course of treatment. Dr. Marosan believes in educating and working with patients to understand their needs and goals in order to map out the most appropriate and effective treatment plan. He uses the TouchMD platform to go over the patient's photos during the consultation, and together they formulate the best surgical approach. Our specialized approach to care is what makes Bellevue Plastic Surgeons stand apart from the rest.

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