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Women now have several options available when it comes to transforming the appearance of the outer genitalia through labiaplasty, or vaginal rejuvenation. While procedures have been improved, the surgery usually involves reshaping and resizing the labia through skin removal and tightening. Seattle area plastic surgeon, Dr. Marosan, prefers the wedge resection technique, which is based off a woman’s unique anatomy to produce superior results. The excess tissue around the labia is removed in a way to preserve the natural color, normal labial edge and natural look of the area.

Dr. Marosan is skilled in treating various parts of the vulva or external genitalia and vagina to restore a woman’s confidence and alleviate any anxiety associated with her appearance.

Surgical Technique

Women who are considering labiaplasty should consult with a qualified board certified plastic surgeon. In the past, before surgeons improved this procedure, the approach was to remove the excess tissue and skin deformity using an amputation method. Today, skilled surgeons use aesthetic reshaping techniques so that the labia are not only reduced in size, but also the nerves are protected in the process so that sexual function is not compromised. A surgeon with experience will preserve the natural color and contour and create a result that looks visually appealing with minimal to no scarring.

Labiaplasty Surgical Process

The surgeon will carefully work to reshape and reconstruct the lips so that they meet the patient’s aesthetic goals. Dissolvable sutures are used to close the incision. Another approach is to use the THERMIva, radiofrequency non invasive technique to reduce the labia. This is effective for some patients, but is only recommended in cases where the skin defect is minimal. THERMIva can reduce the size of the labia minora and majora, tighten the vaginal canal and increase lubrication. There is no downtime, a woman can have sex the same night. This is a great treatment for perimenopausal women, or women who had cancer and are on anti-estrogen therapy which causes vaginal dryness and painful sexual intercourse.

During/After Surgery

Labiaplasty typically takes between 1-2 hours to complete, depending on how complex the surgical case is. It is performed under local anesthesia in our accredited surgical facility  offering complete privacy. Women who undergo labia rejuvenation will need to avoid any activity that may cause swelling and bleeding, such as exercise, sexual activity, douching, and the use of tampons. These activities can be resumed slowly around 4-6 weeks post-op. Women find that the results of this procedure look so natural that their self-confidence and self-image are improved drastically. 

Labiaplasty FAQs


When researching the aesthetic surgery market, most patients will find that a large majority of cosmetic surgeons offer labiaplasty. While some OBGYNs are trained in performing labial rejuvenation, the procedure is considered cosmetic. Most OBGYNs will be able to surgically remove any excess that exists within the labia most commonly using the amputation or linear trim method; however, a plastic surgeon will consider the aesthetics as well. This ensures that scarring is minimal, and that color, contour and symmetry looks and feels natural. Often the excess clitoral hooding needs to be addressed during the labiaplasty and Dr. Marosan finds that a lot of surgeons do not correct this due to lack of experience. Your surgeon should have at least 50 labiaplasties under his/her belt before signing up with them. This area does not tolerate mistakes, an over resection is difficult to correct or it is simply not correctable.

Does it Cause Insensitivity?

As with any surgery, there may be numbness in the vaginal area after the procedure is completed. This is temporary as the skin and vaginal lips heal. In regards to sensitivity, it is important to understand that labia rejuvenation affects, for the most part, the vaginal lips only. Sensitivity is also served by the clitoris. A skilled cosmetic surgeon that specializes in labiaplasty will work around this area so that a loss of sensitivity does not occur.

Does it Affect Intercourse?

Labiaplasty, when performed by a skilled plastic surgeon, will only improve sexual intercourse. In many cases, this is because the excess skin and tissue that may have gotten in the way during sex before will now be removed. The clitoral region will be protected and the sensory nerves preserved so that sexual intercourse is not impacted in a negative way. After a labiaplasty, patients feel more relaxed, less self conscious and report increased sexual pleasure with their partners.

Before or After Pregnancy?

Pregnancy does not affect labial size usually. In our practice, most women are in their 20s and 30s and do not have any children. Dr. Marosan has done labiaplasty surgery in as young as 15 years old (with parental consent), due to the extremely large labia for which the patient was self conscious, could not participate in certain sports or shower after gym in the presence of other girls.

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