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Eyelid Surgery in Bellevue, WA


Since no one wants saggy, puffy and/or wrinkled eyes, eyelid surgery is one of the most common and effective cosmetic surgeries. With this rejuvenation procedure, Seattle area plastic surgeon, Dr. Marosan, can treat the upper and/or lower eyelids through skin, muscle and fat removal and tightening. Dr. Marosan will take care to make an incision under the lower lash line to reduce the appearance of a scar. With eyelid surgery, Dr. Marosan treats loose skin and puffiness along the upper eyelids, as well as under eye bags and fine lines and wrinkles. Patients will look younger and more refreshed.

Surgeon and Facility Fees

from $4,900.00

Recovery Time

1-2 Weeks

Average Procedure Time

1-4 Hours

Procedure Recovery Location


During/After Surgery

Eyelid surgery is performed with general anesthesia. If the procedure involves both upper and lower eyelids, the plastic surgeon will typically manage the upper eyelid first. On average, it takes 1-2 hours to complete the operation. The patient will be sent home for recovery. For the first few days, there will be swelling and discoloration around the area. It is advised that the head is elevated for the first few days. Pain medications and antibiotics will be prescribed to manage the initial discomfort. Strenuous activities must also be restricted.

First off  I want to say that Yelp is so ridiculous because half of the REAL customer reviews I give go into some sort of undesirable reviews and I ask WHY. So it is very likely they will throw this REAL customer review in the same place. But here I go. I had been to 2 other plastic surgeons in Bellevue until I had a consultation with DR. MAROSAN. I knew after my consultation he would be my doctor to complete my entire body makeover after loosing 90 pounds. He and his ENTIRE staff made me feel like family. I like his simple NO NONSENSE approach and non judgemental way he explains things. Other surgeons I saw before him made me feel not worthy of what I wanted to have done. After loosing 90 pounds I had skin and fat hanging everywhere I didn't want it. So I had vazer lipo on my entire torso and fat transfer to my buttocks. At 60 years old I never thought I could feel and look better than I did when I was 40. I can hardly wait until He does my breast and tummy tuck in 6 months to complete my look. I did my research to find him and I'm extremely confident in his work. He's a genius in my eyes. He gave me an hourglass figure that I've always wanted. Research means: understanding the difference between VAZER and Lazer liposuction is HUGE. Learn the difference and the qualifications that goes with that. I love the fact that you have to ring the doorbell to get into his office makes me feel secure and SAFE. So the same day I booked my surgery without any hesitation.  So glad I did. This picture is only 1 week post op and I couldn't be happier. Yes...this is my new buttocks and I am 60 years old. I believe 60 is the new 40. Thank you so very much Dr. Marosan and I'll see you soon for one of my many post ops that are so important to him and myself.

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Surgical Technique

The procedure may either be performed on the upper eyelid only or the lower lid, or both. There will be a difference in approaches when it comes to the upper and lower eyelids but the method is similar; removing any loose skin or tissue, and extracting or repositioning the fat deposit. There will also be separate incisions spots. It is important to understand that this will not help with other cosmetic issues such as crow’s feet, wrinkles or dark circles. The results of an eyelid surgery are fairly isolated within the upper and lower lid section only. There are other procedures that can be combined, for example the use of BOTOX®, to create a maximized outcome.

Upper Eyelid Surgery

The most common problem with the upper eyelid is excess skin that droops and hangs over the eyes. Not only does this look unappealing, but it can also obstruct vision for a patient. The doctor will create an incision along the natural fold of the eyelid and extract any excess fat and tissue to remove any bulges. Once done, excess skin will also be trimmed and the cut will be closed with fine sutures. There are cases when fat tissues are only repositioned instead of excised. 

Lower Eyelid Surgery

There are two options for incisions when it comes to lower eyelid surgery. This treatment will improve any appearance of bulging and sagging below the eye. Incisions may be made just slightly below the lash line and excess fat, tissue or skin will be excised. If the skin has retained good elasticity, a transconjunctival incision may be a better option as the cut is made inside the lower eyelid, which effectively makes any resulting scar concealed. A lower lid lift does not necessarily improve the dark circles that may occur under the eyes. The surgeon may recommend combining a lower blepharoplasty with another procedure such as a chemical peel or an injectable filler.

Additional Services and Pricing

Additional Services Pricing
Blepharoplasty (Upper and Lower) $6,700
Blepharoplasty (Uppper or Lower) $4,300
Blepharocanthoplasty (lower lids and tightening) $5,700
Evident Scars?

Eyelid surgery, whether upper or lower, generally does not cause visible scarring. This is because the surgeon takes great care to ensure that the incisions are made within the natural lines and folds of the eyes. Once the surgical healing has passed, the incisions will not be noticeable even to the naked eye.

Wrinkles and Crow's Feet?

Crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles are better treated with procedures such as a facelift, browlift or a cheek lift as the results of the eyelid surgery are confined to the eyelids only. Eyelid surgery can also be combined with a nonsurgical procedure such as BOTOX, which combats wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes. An injectable filler can also be effective because it adds volume to hollow areas for a softer, smoother appearance. 

Post-Surgery Complications?

Complications and irritations after surgery are rare. Patients must strictly adhere to care instructions prescribed by the surgeon to minimize any risks of infection as the eyes can be sensitive after surgery. Patients must always take precaution of protecting the eyes from the sun and wind during the first few weeks of recovery. 

Better Eyesight?

Blepharoplasty not only corrects a cosmetic issue, but a functional one as well. Many patients with excess hanging skin on their upper eyelid are able to regain normal vision after surgery. For many, simply applying makeup without maneuvering around the excess skin is refreshing in and of itself. 

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