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Facial Fat Grafts in Bellevue, WA


As the face ages, it loses volume and contouring, which Seattle area plastic surgeon, Dr. Marosan, can restore with facial fat grafts. This procedure involves Dr. Marosan utilizing the renowned micro fat grafting technique to remove fat from usually the thighs or abdomen to be inserted into the hollow areas of the face. Before fat is injected, it is treated to purify it to maximize results. The cheeks, lips, lines between the nose and mouth, jowls, forehead and eyes are commonly treated with facial fat grafts.

Once the fat is injected, volume is restored, which provides a younger, healthier-looking appearance. Since the patient’s own fat is used, injected areas will look natural without an overdone plastic surgery look.

Surgeon and Facility Fees

from $4,800.00

Recovery Time

1 Week

Average Procedure Time

1-2 Hours

Procedure Recovery Location

Out Patient

BBL: Lipo 360 + fat transfer w/ drains - Dr. Marosan, or Dr. G as I like to call him, is a no nonsense guy about his craft. You can tell he knows what he is doing, he's experienced, and knows his way around body contouring. After extensive research I chose Dr. G based on his credentials and his years in the field - I have zero regrets. I was also impressed by Dr. G's responsiveness following my procedure (lipo 360 + fat transfer) which is a big deal, because this is a big procedure. He answered my calls at 10 pm when I freaked out about my drains, and even took the time to see me on a Saturday, which is outside of his normal office hours, to check on me and address my concerns. The rest of the staff was also pretty amazing, Crystal, at the front desk is always responsive and kind, Lauri the nurse/coordinator is also a gem. Big shout out to Lauri for petting my head and comforting me during my arm lipo! Lauri if you're reading this, I love you lolIf my arms were long enough (and not leaking tumescent fluid), I'd hug the staff all at the same time.

M. RealSelf

I am now 10 days out from a tummy tuck, vasor lipo and fat grafting to the butt. As well as 6 days out from a breast lift. This was alot of surgery to do in a short time for a 60 year old women but I never questioned that I picked the right Dr that had the right staff support. What I was aware of and expect that many people don't think about this either is the amazing after care that I would get and the amount of time that all of that takes for the Dr and his staff to make sure I am comfortable and having the best possible experience that I can. I tear up with gratitude when I think about how much I felt cared for by everyone from this practice. I loved that they have all worked together as a team for many years. Thanks Dr Marosan and Bellevue Plastic Surgery.

D. G. Office Visit

I had fat, droopy arms and a badly done lat flap breast reconstruction. I went to Dr. Marosan only for a consult about an arm lift with concerns for high risk of lymphedema. He recommended starting with just arm lipo first, and the actual arm lift after the lipo healed. He also suggested fat grafting to the hard scarring on my misshappened breast. I had my first post op visit and am so pleased. The surgery went as expected and there were no surprises. Dr. Marosan called me at home the evening after surgery to see how I was doing. I also got a call from Jeudiel (the anesthesialogist). How many doctors do that!!?! And Dr. Marosan's staff (Eden and Lauri) are fantastic!! I was very sceptacle about even getting surgery on my arms but am so totally happy with the outcome and feel I am in good hands with Dr. Marosan!!

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