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Vaser Hi Def Lipo in Bellevue, WA


When it comes to safe and effective body sculpting, VASER Hi-Def Lipo (VHD) is one of the most successful and recommended procedures around. VHD and traditional fat reduction liposuction by any method (traditional, PAL, water jet, Smartlipo, Coolsculpting, etc), are two different procedures. The first one sculpts, the second one reduces the fat content of an area. Dr. Marosan trained with Dr. Alfredo Hoyos of Bogotá, Colombia the inventor of the VHD. Due to his advanced training, Dr. Marosan is a Grand Master Total Definer surgeon. This level was attained by another 16 plastic surgeons in the United States so far! Using highly-advanced sound wave technology, Seattle area plastic surgeon, Dr. Marosan, is able to effectively dislodge fat without harming the surrounding tissues and structures like nerves and blood vessels. This allows for maximum removal that’s more gentle and consistent, resulting in less downtime.

VASER radically altered the tenants of liposuction surgery, allowing the human body to be sculpted like a work of art. Most surgeons do spot liposuction of limited areas, which are discontinous. Dr. Marosan is an expert in advanced body sculpting and treats the body 360 degree. He can create an hourglass figure no matter what your starting figure is for women and a chiseled athletic body for men. This allows for liposuction in all subdermal planes, deep and superficial, subtract and add fat, able to create controlled "deformities" which are desirable, revealing the underlying muscle anatomy.

Curves are essential cues to reproductive health, endocrine status, athleticism, strength and longevity. In women attractive curves are lumbar lordosis (lower back concave curve), convexity of the chest (breasts) and buttocks and muscular definition of the calves. Curvaceousness is the definition of "hourglass" figure with a desired waist to hip ratio of 0.65-0.70. Large chest and hips with a small waist is a cue for reproductive health for a male seeking a female partner. Liposuction and fat grafting amplify these desirable features.

In men, muscle mass also produces curves, but these are more angular than curvaceous. A low waist to chest ratio, or the "V" shape characterizes attractiveness.

The VASER Hi Def Liposuction is for individuals with normal weight or a BMI (body mass index) of 24-26 ideally, but less than 30 can qualify. With age, undesirable curves appear with muscle atrophy or wasting, obesity, posture deterioration due to lack of skeletal support and decline in sex hormone levels. Liposuction will not correct muscle laxity or intra-abdominal fat. In addition to removing fat, the technology stimulates the skin to enhance skin tightening for firmer skin with better elasticity. This is true with people who have thin skin and stretch marks as well.

Recovery Time

2-4 Weeks

Average Procedure Time

4-6 Hours

Procedure Recovery Location


During/After Surgery

VASER Hi-Def Lipo is performed in our accredited outpatient surgery suite with the patient under intravenous sedation and tumescent anesthesia only. The length of the surgery will depend on how many areas are being treated, but most VASER treatments take 4 – 6 hours to complete. The patients should rest, but be up and ambulate the day of surgery. Patients can resume light and normal activities as soon as they feel able, but strenuous activity should be avoided for at least 3-4 weeks. Patients will see some results immediately, but the final results may not be visible until the swelling and inflammation are completely gone in 3-6 months.

I Booked my Surgery Date with Dr. Marosan - After breastfeeding, my breasts are a little saggy and deflated especially my upper pole. I also got fat pockets around my stomach, abdomen and back. I'm not able to wear clothing that requires a strapless bra and I haven't wear a bikini for years. With a push-up bra, I can easily hide all of these problems but I don't feel confident without my clothing. I have spent years reading reviews, looking at pictures, and doing my research here and finally I made my decision to have a surgery. I want to do a 360 vaser lipo to get rid all of my unwanted fats and transfer them to my breast in order to increase the upper pole fullness. I make a consultation with Dr. Marosan on 12/9. He answered all of my questions, went through the process with me, took pictures of me, and then use myTouchMD to draw the lines on my picture so I'm able to know what kind of results should I expect. I told Dr. Marosan that I'm obsessed with a tiny waist with muscle line and a flat stomach and showed him the picture of the results I was looking for. I arrived at 11.10 and left his office at 12.40 so you know it went really well. Actually before I came to his office, I already knew he is the best, I saw lots of good reviews and beautiful results here. Since I'm already in the area, I also booked a consultation with another doctor in Bellevue as well but there is nothing to compare of. I didn't have a chance to meet another doctor in person but with his assistant, I mean his assistant is nice but maybe because I already decided to go with Dr. Marosan from my deep heart, I didn't feel comfortable, so I only spend 20 minutes there and all I was thinking about was when can I get my quote from Dr. Marosan. I got my quote the next following day and made my deposit immediately to lock my surgery day in January. I just couldn't wait any longer. So doctor Marosan is the only doctor I saw before I made my decision, I just don't think it's necessary to see the other doctors because I believed him and my mind is at ease when I think about under the knife with his hand and his experience. I'll keep updated and hope to help anyone who is looking to do the same procedure as me.

N. RealSelf

So Far, So Amazing! - I'm 4 months postop and couldn't be happier that I chose Dr. Marosan and his staff! I saw 3 other plastic surgeons in Bellevue and Seattle and chose Dr. Marosan because I felt most comfortable with him and his staff. I am 54yo and overweight. I am in good health and discussed with my primary care doc my desire to look the best I can. We decided lipo was a safe option for me to "flatten" out my rolls. Dr. Marosan explained the procedures thoroughly, and discussed the results I would most likely get and was painfully honest. While hard to hear I wouldn't end up looking like a model when I was done, I would rather hear the truth as it allowed me to decide whether I really wanted to go through surgery. I decided to go ahead (the hardest part is waiting for the quote which took longer than the other offices). Surgery was incredibly easy, no pain whatsoever, the anesthesiologist was fabulous! I had a lot of swelling for the first 3 months and now I'm seeing the shape of my body which I haven't seen in years. Besides the 360 Vaser Lipo, I had lipo on my upper arms and fat added to my non-existent butt. So far I'm most excited by my booty, because I've never had one. and the curve of my lower back where there used to be fat rolls! My abdomen is still shrinking and my upper arms have lost several inches. For me, this was the absolute right thing to do. It has been life changing. I feel so good about my body I have started exercising. I thank Dr. Marosan and his incredible staff for getting me here. I am so happy I chose Bellevue Plastic Surgeons for this surgery.

M. RealSelf

The Best High-def Liposuction Expert in the Seattle Area - Dr. Marosan provided me with an excellent abdomen, love handles, back. He's an absolute expert and understand body conturing, natural anatomy, scar management and placement. My results are natural, slim, cut (but not too much, naturally cut) and I am very pleased with his attention to details and expertise. His staff is extremely attentive and capable. I apologize that I am unable ti share images. My privacy is important. Updated on 6 Nov 2020: No more fold over my belt or love handles, and I opted for less "cut" six pack....but I should have listened to Dr. Marosan who wanted to do a little more. Now I know, he is just good and I should have good for more definition. The rest is up to you...work out, watch your calories.

T. RealSelf

BBL: Lipo 360 + fat transfer w/ drains - Dr. Marosan, or Dr. G as I like to call him, is a no nonsense guy about his craft. You can tell he knows what he is doing, he's experienced, and knows his way around body contouring. After extensive research I chose Dr. G based on his credentials and his years in the field - I have zero regrets. I was also impressed by Dr. G's responsiveness following my procedure (lipo 360 + fat transfer) which is a big deal, because this is a big procedure. He answered my calls at 10 pm when I freaked out about my drains, and even took the time to see me on a Saturday, which is outside of his normal office hours, to check on me and address my concerns. The rest of the staff was also pretty amazing, Crystal, at the front desk is always responsive and kind, Lauri the nurse/coordinator is also a gem. Big shout out to Lauri for petting my head and comforting me during my arm lipo! Lauri if you're reading this, I love you lolIf my arms were long enough (and not leaking tumescent fluid), I'd hug the staff all at the same time.

M. RealSelf

Ab Etching Dramatically Increased my Motivation! - In Sep 2021 I had VASER Hi-def lipo, gynecomastia, and abdominal etching work performed by Dr. Marosan. Being former military, I previously tried to just force body discipline by 5am sessions with a personal trainer, random gym apps, CrossFit (twice), but still couldn't get (and maintain) my body the way I wanted. I knew I didn't need the motivation of group support, and if I could just find the right catalyst then I could do this on my own. So I bought a Tonal machine for at home workouts, and went in for the procedure with the objective that the surgery was just the start of my fitness journey (for immediate visual motivation), versus the end (ie no more work needed). I was fortunate to live right down the street from a respected true master of his craft who could do this work on me! Dr. Marosan fully explained what would happen, why he would do certain things, and equally important why he would not do other things that I'd found online (like sculpting a sixpack into the abdominal fat so I'd look like Batman 24/7). Not much to share on the procedure itself, I remember going in and laying on the table, and next thing I know I was getting up and wheeled out to my ride. I did have a few drainage tubes for a week which were a pain to manage for bathroom trips, and the garment/foam isn't the most comfortable, but once the tubes came out and the swelling went down things greatly improved.A year after surgery and I know that seeing the difference in my body has helped me make better dietary choices, and has kept me motivated with my workouts. This was definitely one of the best decisions I've made for myself, as I see the results every single day and know that it's 100% up to me to continue the work to highlight the impact of the sculpting even more. As I put in more work (nutrition & exercise), I now see the impact faster, and the benefit is more pronounced. If you're on the fence, just treat yourself & go in for a consultation, you won't regret it!(my pics are on his website gallery)

F. RealSelf


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Surgical Technique

VASER Hi Def Lipo (VHD) uses small stab incisions in stealth locations avoiding the stigmata of liposuction seen on patients of other surgeons. Dr. Marosan will insert the VASER ultrasound probe to emulsify the fat in the deep and superficial layers. Using special VentX atraumatic cannula (Dr. Marosan uses over 30 different cannulas with different curved angles and straight cannulas of different caliber and length to sculpt the body, chest wall,and back) and the Power X rotating cannula in the chosen area(s) and carefully removes the fat tissue to reveal muscle contours while keeping a smooth, natural appearance. Muscle definition is possible, bringing out the patient's underlying muscle and bony anatomy. On the abdomen, definition of the semilunar lines where the obliques fuse with the lateral rectus muscles, the epigastric midline depression or "champagne" line, definition of a six pack, muscle definition of the chest by emptying the fat between the anterior latissimus dorsi and lateral pectoralis major muscles, definition of the serratus muscles on the lateral rib cage, definition of the lower back paraspinous muscles, definition of the Venus dimples of the lower back, definition of the deltoid, biceps and triceps muscles of the arms. The VASER technology uses ultrasound energy to loosen the fat tissue so it is easier to remove with minimal disturbance of nerves and blood vessels. VASER can be used on any area of the body, including more delicate areas like the neck, legs and arms.

This technique involves contouring the whole torso, thighs and arms. It is an all or non procedure. Any partial contouring gives suboptimal disharmonious results. This is the main reason that over 60% of my body sculpting patients are redos of other surgeons' poor or suboptimal outcomes. It often involves fat transfer to areas of deficiency to create well balanced youthful athletic bodies.

Additional Services and Pricing

VASER Hi-Def Supine
(Upper/Lower Abdomen, Lateral Chest Wall, Waist, Hip-Rolls, Mons Pubis)
VASER Hi-Def Prone
(Upper/Lower Back, Lateral Chest Wall, Wasit, Hips, Sacral Fat Pad)
Male Package: VASER Hi-Def Supine + Gynecomastia with Tissue Excision
(Gynecomastia with Tissue Excision, VASER Hi-Def Lipo of Upper/Lower Abdomen, Lateral Chest Wall, Wasit, Hip-Rolls, Mons Pubis)
Total Male Package: VASER Hi-Def Lipo 360 + Gynecomastia with Tissue Excision
(Gynecomastia with Tissue Excision, VASER Hi-Def Lipo Supine, VASER Hi-Def Lipo Prone)
VASER Hi-Def Lipo Arms $5,000
VASER Lipo Neck $5,000
VASER Lipo Lower Body (Inner OR Outer Thighs, Knees, Calves) $8,800+

Why choose Dr. Marosan?

Dr. Marosan is a Grand Master Total Definer surgeon (only 17 in the US) with specialized training and years of experience in advanced body sculpting techniques.


1. Body Sculpting uses the VASER Hi Def Lipo technique (VHD), the most advanced technique to create athletic and youthful shapes.

2. Trained extensively with the world famous Dr. Alfredo Hoyos of Bogota, Colombia, the inventor of VHD - Total Definer Surgeon.

3. Body Sculpting uses over 30 specialized non-bendable cannulas which are straight or angled and different lengths  to be able to treat all body areas straight or curved by hugging the muscle and bony anatomy to create sculpted bodies.

4. Most surgeons use 2-3 cannulas only straight or they bend them themselves. Easily bendable cannulas are very dangerous, since they can bend in an unwanted direction and enter the abdomen and injure the bowels and other internal organs.

5. Body Sculpting Total Definer procedures uses drains to drain away excess fluid from the lower back and abdomen. Most surgeons, close these incisions, allowing fluid to accumulate, create more internal scarring and ultimately poor results.

6. Dr. Marosan performs an extensive amount of corrective surgery of poor liposuction results from other surgeons (over 50% of his body sculpting practice).

7. Plastic surgeons and others who do liposuction, do fat reduction liposuction only, with poor understanding of body sculpting principles.

8. Visit our VASER Hi Def Lipo photo gallery and compare the photos to other surgeons' galleries who you also considered for a consultation.



Although VASER lipo fees are higher than for traditional liposuction, the results are outstanding! You have to ask yourself, which costs more: a badly done liposuction (that you already paid for) and then a second liposuction procedure to correct the first surgery? At Bellevue Plastic Surgeons, greater than 60% of our body sculpting patients had surgery someplace else.  Some underwent Coolsculpting and SculpSure before, with very modest improvements, nothing like they were made to believe and expect. These treatments are as bad as previous surgeries for the amount of internal scarring they create. Yes, these are difficult surgeries and fees will be higher.

Dr. Marosan is a Grand Master Total Definer surgeon. He trained with the world famous Dr. Alfredo Hoyos the inventor of the VASER Hi Def Lipo technique, 4D tummy tuck, EVE tummy tuck, scarless belly button creation and fat transfer to buttocks and muscles. If your goal is to achieve the best hourglass figure or athletic youthful body with our state of the art body transforming procedures, schedule a consultation to learn about our revolutionary approach to body sculpting.



Fat Transfer with Vaser?

Most people have fat where they don't want it (the abdominal wall, hips, thighs, neck, arms, etc.) and don't have enough where they do want it (the breasts, face, and buttocks), so the fat removed during VASER Lipo can be purified and re-injected into other areas of the body. In total body reshaping, fat transfer is an integral part of the procedure to create the best hourglass, athletic figure. Often, patients confuse Laser (Smartlipo) with VASER Lipo. Big difference! If you choose to have Smartlipo, fat cannot be transplanted. The laser kills the fat. The VASER keeps the fat alive, thus it can be transplanted where deficiencies exit or enhancement is desirable.

Can the Fat Come Back?

While the fat tissue removed during VASER Lipo cannot return, the fat tissue that is left behind can get bigger or smaller with significant weight fluctuations. For long-lasting results, it is best if patients are at a healthy, stable weight before VASER Lipo and they maintain their shape with a nutritious diet and regular exercise.

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